The natural alternative

  • All men over 35 experience a 1%–2% testosterone loss every year as they age,
    but only some men suffer clinically low testosterone.
    Progene® is a safer, natural alternative for the subclinical majority.

    Low cost

    At less than a dollar a day, Progene® is a leading alternative to costly prescriptions.


    Progene® contains over 15 botanical extracts without the risks of synthetic testosterone.


    Progene® is made in the USA and has been available over the counter for more than eleven years.

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    The subclinical majority of “Low-T” patients can pose a problem for a medical practice. Writing off-label testosterone prescriptions comes with obvious risks, but dissatisfied patients might just shop for another doctor.

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    Start taking Progene®

    Are you feeling more tired than you used to? Does it take more time to recover from physical activity? You can't help aging, but you don't have to feel old. If your testosterone decline fits the normal profile, your doctor or healthcare provider may recommend Progene® as a natural solution to this natural problem.

    A Progene Healthcare Network referral code from your physician or healthcare provider entitles you to exclusive patient-only product offers and specials. Get individually measurable results from a low-cost alternative to prescription drugs.

    Find a physician or healthcare provider

    Do you need a physician referral code, or have questions about your Progene® testosterone test results? Do you have specific medical concerns that can only be answered by a healthcare professional? Search the Progene Healthcare Network for a doctor or healthcare provider in your area.